15 blogging errors you should avoid in 2020

Blogging is one of the most important forms of digital content that a lot of people consume, and if you want to be a successful blogger, you must avoid blogging errors that waste a lot of time and profits.

if you are:

  • A beginner blogger and your first entry to the blogging world.
  • The site owner relies on articles to profit from your site.
  • You have blogging experience and want to be better.
  • You work as a freelance blogger and want to increase your income.

You have come to the right place. Mississauga SEO company is here to help you, during the next few minutes you will know more than 15 blogging errors that you have to avoid in order to achieve better results.

Examples of some blogging errors that we will address:

  • Non-drawing of your audience (Buyer Persona) and its impact on the content.
  • Not using the right sound in your content (you will know later what I mean by sound)?
  • Attention to robots and lack of interest in humans.
  • If all eggs are not in one basket?
  • Lack of attention to the researcher’s intention.

And other mistakes that many bloggers make, and I will show you practical solutions to avoid these errors in a simple and brief manner.

Another note: There is no specific arrangement for these errors, but I think the 14th line should take the most of your attention.

1- Not identifying your target audience with content

You are not writing to yourself, you are addressing a group of people who have problems they want to solve, hopes, and goals they want to achieve, customs and personalities that you must consider.

This is one of the most common mistakes in blogging, whether it is in Arabic or in English, and it is that you do not specify exactly who to address when writing your post.

In the world of content marketing – which we will look at later – whoever you target with content is known as Buyer Persona, which is the personality that represents a specific segment of your audience.

Suppose, for example, that you write an article or blog about weight loss, who is the Buyer Persona you address?

  • Men
  • Men from the age of 25 to 35 who work as employees and sit too much, gain weight.
  • Housewives ladies.
  • Newly married women from 21 to 27 years old whose weight suddenly increased as a result of changing habits.

Did you notice the difference between each character and the next? Did you notice the information you provided about each character? Like me, do you think that the article for a specific character will be much stronger?

In order to do a good Buyer Persona, you must know a group of information about this character such as:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Function
  • Qualification
  • Income
  • Personal habits
  • The problems he suffers from
  • The goals he seeks to achieve

The more accurate the information, the more effective your posts will be, the more closely related and influenced by those who read it, and thus achieve the goal you want from the blog itself.

Initially, especially if you are a beginner, you do not have to go into great depth to collect this information, as it may sometimes target more than one character in a single post.

The important thing is that you have a personality or personalities, and it is also preferable that you make a name for these characters and talk to them … For example, I called you (Adam – John) and I am talking to you / with you now as I write these lines.

The Buyer Persona industry is very important for many (bloggers – marketers – entrepreneurs), so soon I will publish a complete guide on how to make it professionally, God willing … so be sure to follow us so that you do not miss.

2- Not relying on a layout for the content

Any blog should have a Layout, a map that you can walk on, no matter if it is an article on artificial intelligence techniques or a blog about personal relationships.

The theme is the form of the article or post itself, the order of the elements, the identification of ideas and how to approach them, the determination of the role of visual effects that you may need.

Relying on a specific format helps you:

  • Writing speed, which is why the best and most famous bloggers and writers in the world rely on Templates for the various things they write.
  • Providing a comfortable eye and mind experience for the reader.
  • Ease of transferring the reader from one stage to another.
  • Evaluate and improve your content over time.

The choice of format depends on:

  • The platform on which you write.
  • The character you write for.
  • Your goal is from the content itself.

You might think that defining the layout for each post may be difficult or stressful, but the opposite is true, even if you are a little tired at first you will find that you save a lot of time and effort later.

3- Not choosing the right voice in your post

There are a lot of blogs and information sources on the Internet, which anyone can easily access, and here are several questions that you have to answer, such as:

  • Why do you think your audience or the person you are targeting will read your post, and not you?
  • Who are you to him?
  • How do you want him to relate to you and listen to you?
  • How do you think he will continue your work continuously?

Mostly, when you search for any information on the Internet, you search for 3 types of personalities in order to obtain this information and they are:

  1. An expert person has information that they do not possess.
  2. An influential person in his field and with full knowledge of it.
  3. Someone who shares a personal experience they want to benefit from.

This character depends on the nature of the content itself, let me give you a few examples:

  • When looking for fitness advice, you can take it from anyone who has experienced, and does not have to be a certified trainer, for example.
  • When looking for health advice you want to get it from an accredited medical specialist.
  • When looking for a recipe for a specific dish, you can take it from anyone with a YouTube channel, not a requirement for an expert or even a professional chef.

So … who are you among these? How can you confirm this through the content you provide, or through the platform on which you write?

This is what you have to answer on your own based on the field in which you write and write … There is absolutely no shame in being a beginner and sharing your simple experience with people.

There are a lot of people who have personal blogs, just general articles about their lives, goals, and experiences, which may not be suitable for many, but are a success.

No problem with that, the important thing is that you have this character and show it in the content, that you have that voice that someone who reads every word you write feels.

4- The nature of the content does not depend on its purpose

What is your goal in writing any blog?

  • Just share some ideas.
  • You want to get posts and get more out of yourself.
  • Do you want to help the platform where you write (website – company) in obtaining traffic from Google?
  • Want to promote a product or service?
  • Want to increase the number of subscribers to your mailing list?

After specifying these goals, you must make sure that the blog helps to do so. You must paint them with the appropriate method and method. Also, you must choose the appropriate format for this goal.

The ideal way to avoid this error is to read more in your field and see all kinds of content posted on the most popular blogs and influential sites and how you interact with them.

5- Not marketing content

Whether you write on your own blog or a client you work within the self-employment field, you must make sure that your posts are promoted the right way.

What is the benefit of writing the best blogging and getting tired in researching and editing then no one reads your words … How many wonderful writers did his work go out to people, and how many acceptable writers his works reached to many people only because he knew how to market himself.

The diversity within the content begins with the audience, you need to diversify your content to reach all of your audience.

If you focus only on people willing to buy from you, you will miss a large part of your audience.

You need to create content that serves all stages of the marketing path and not just the bottom.

Your audience has different intentions during different stages, and your content must match this specific intention to display relevant search results.

As for content sites such as blogs, news, and magazines, you should not focus, for example, on the sections of lengthy articles and reduce news content, whereby this way you will only gain readers who prefer lengthy articles and lose readership to news and smaller content.

On the other hand, when we think of “content”, we usually think of blog articles or written text, however, according to a specific intention, the text content may not rank well in search results, you may find video pages that top the search results.

Close search results pages closely to any of the keywords or attributes you target to understand the types of pages Google wants to show, to match existing content formats.

In fact, diversifying a single page to include multiple formats will give you the best opportunity to arrange for a variety of queries while giving readers options to digest information.

Providing various content formats that strengthen the page in terms of search and user experience. Here we mean, for example, writing a lengthy story or article and inserting pictures and videos in it.

6- Not creating a private community for your audience

In the world of marketing and entrepreneurship there are two quotes that I love very much and I mainly use them:

  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Do not put yourself at the mercy of anyone.

What would happen if there was a problem with the platform on which it depends:

  • Your blog has been punished by Google and lost its position in the search engine results.
  • Update on Facebook or Instagram to make interactions with your content smaller.
  • I had a problem due to a complaint about your (copyright) content – this happens a lot, incidentally.

I wonder what you will do then … The solution is simply to have your own community in order to avoid these problems, so as not to be at the mercy of anyone, and at the same time a variety of sources that depend on them in the promotion.

The community I’m talking about might be:

  • Group on Facebook.
  • Email List.
  • Surfer on a platform like Discord.

This community will be yours and will help you in many matters such as:

  • Promote your content.
  • Forge a relationship with your audience.
  • Increase your percentage of blogging profits, especially if you depend on promoting a product or service.

7- Not to put the CTA in your content

The CTA is short for Call To Action, and its role is to tell your reader what to do in order to achieve the goal you want from the content.

There are many pictures of the CTA, including asking the reader to share the content on social media, to put the necessary tools for him, or to place a button for the page you want to visit.

The important thing is that you have one in every article you write, depending on your goal of the content.

8- Not writing constantly

This is a huge problem for any blogger and I myself have suffered for periods, also known as (Writer’s block), the barrier that prevents you from writing.

You should write continuously every day, even if it is only 500 words, even if it is only for personal thoughts, the important thing is that you keep writing and do not stop.

I also advise you to:

  • Try to write at the best times when you are active … Now it is 7 am and I am writing these lines.
  • Try to follow an influential person who is an inspiration and motivator for you, and is not a participant.
  • Try to change from where you write from time to time, preferably outside the home or workplace.
  • Practice the sport you love permanently.

All of this helps you change your mood, recharge your energy, and take inspiration from everything around you.

9- To be interested in search engines and not interested in people

Perhaps you rely on search engines to promote your articles, so you are interested in:

  • Headings (such as H2 – H3).
  • Define the Meta Description.
  • Choose keywords.

And other necessary elements of SEO … but at the same time you neglect the reader himself, neglect how he sees the content and how to deal with it, so that you sometimes may not mind:

  • Write a 5-line paragraph once.
  • Not choosing the right words.
  • No instructions and practical steps in the content.

Remember that you do not only write for google crawlers, you write to humans, too … That is why you have to please them both, and do not prefer one party over the other, and if you are active, you should prefer humans.

Even Google itself asks you to do this, so it made a tool like Google Analytics giant to be free and available to everyone.

10- Not paying attention to the researcher’s intention

The intent of the researcher or User Intent is very important, especially if you are interested in obtaining traffic from search engines, for example when searching for how to write an article.

You will find that Google gives you articles that talk about tips for writing articles, but if you search for how to design a logo, you will find Google gives you the necessary steps or perhaps the tools you need for design.

Google learns from the millions of searches that occur on it every second, observing the reactions, and interacting with the search results specifically what the researcher wants in order to give him the results that suit him.

For this, search on Google before you write any blog, and see what kind of blogs you see. Do you see:

  • Explain the steps
  • Comparisons
  • Tips
  • Lists of necessary tools or information

Accordingly, draft your own blog. You do not mind putting your own touch on style, but be sure that you will give the person who is looking for what he wants.

11- To write what you do not know

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers write about anything, and some of them may get into stealing content or copying Wikipedia articles, and this is a disaster by all accounts.

You should write about the things about which you have a background, whether scientific or practical or at least you are passionate about it … This is the main factor in being a successful blogger.

12- Lack of learning and continuous development

You must constantly learn and develop yourself in more ways than one:

  • Develop yourself in the field in which you are writing.
  • Gaining information about all the complementary elements you may need (site management – analytics – SEO – design)
  • Develop your own writing style.

13- Not leaving your personal fingerprint in writing

Some bloggers are afraid of adding their personal touch to writing, to put a colloquial sentence for example, a joke or a specific idea, and they just walk with the current.

This is a big mistake … Remember that you are human beings, and write to human beings, and human beings are looking to form relationships with each other in every way, so that you are your nature, make them feel you as they read your words.

14- Not modifying the content in the right way

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How do you modify your content? Are you satisfied with looking at and modifying some spelling mistakes?
  • When do you adjust it? Is it right after writing it or a day or more?

This is a huge mistake made by many bloggers, especially beginners … To avoid it according to my humble personal experience and the advice of many professionals, you must:

  • Do not modify anything while writing … just let your hands move on the keyboard as you like.
  • Leave the content after completing it for at least 6 hours (depending on your work and the tasks required of you – the longer the period, the better).
  • Read through the content at a glance to correct the spelling errors (you will find most writing tools include a Spelling Check to help you.
  • Read the content out loud … as if you were addressing the character for whom you wrote the content.
  • While reading, you will find some inappropriate words and phrases, change them.
  • You will also find some information that you may need to delete or add.

And then give your content to anyone with experience in order to review it and give you some notes if you can, especially in your beginnings.

If you rely on this method to modify your content … you will see exceptional results, God willing, and do not forget me then ??.

15- Not increasing your income sources from blogging

Blogging is a very profitable field, and you can profit in more than one way, so do not waste these opportunities, and for example, just make a profit from Google Adsense.

Do you remember the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” that I previously told you about, do you not see that they also apply to your profit from blogging, whether you own a site or work in the field of self-employment?

We all make mistakes in what we do, and blogging is no exception … so try to avoid these mistakes in blogging that I mentioned to you and improve yourself with time step by step.

Do not forget to share the article with everyone you think he needs … and remember what you promised in the middle of the article, did you forget ?