3 Trends to Follow in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving medium, with advancements in technology driving changes in the industry at a rapid rate.

Any marketer worth their salt will constantly have one eye on the future in order to ensure that their business stays ahead of the competition.

There are wide range of innovative options open to marketers to promote their goods and services, engage with their audience and build brand loyalty.

With global advertising spend predicted to reach nearly $400 billion by 2021, these are exciting times for the sector. We look at some of the major trends to follow over the coming months.

Live Streaming on the Rise

Whether you manage your digital output in-house or use a digital marketing agency like SportsHabit, live streaming is likely to become a big part of your strategy over the coming months.

Live videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become increasingly prevalent, helping businesses to increase sales and engagement.

Content can include breaking news, interviews with experts or influencers, product demonstrations, webinars or even question and answer sessions.

Choosing the right time slot is the key to successful live streaming on social, so try different times during the day to determine which one works best. 

Marketing Automation Software

Automation software helps marketers track the journey of prospective customers from their initial contact with the business through to the completion of a sale. 

It allows users to harness customer data from different sources and use this to develop specifically tailored digital marketing strategies.

The software lets you to build relationships with both prospective and existing clients, providing them with an experience that reflects their personal interests.

Customising your output based on this information has been proven to work and many more businesses are expected to embrace marketing automation in the future.

Voice Search Marketing

Industry experts have predicted that sales generated by voice search marketing could reach $40bn in the United States by 2022.

Voice devices have generally been used for simpler tasks around the home such as listening to music, but that could be set to change in the not too distant future.

For example, if you want to play the latest song by rock legends Muse, voice devices like Alexa could be used to tell you how to download their latest album.

The possibilities for voice search marketing are endless and open up a wealth of possibilities for businesses to cash in on this future trend.

Future Digital Trends – The Final Word

If your digital marketing output is limited to generic email campaigns and sporadic social media activity, your business can expect to be left behind by the competition.

Live streaming, marketing automation, and voice search marketing are just three of a plethora of innovative ways you can boost your sales, so make sure you tailor your strategy accordingly.