Crazy Things in US

7 Crazy Things Possible Only in the US.

George Goyal from Houston says it is difficult to encapsulate the full depth and variety of the USA. Any nation capable of marrying the cities such as San Francisco, New York and, LA with the landscape as breathtaking as that of Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii is beyond easy summary. The rewards come in droves from all the American icons such as blues and bourbon and baseball to the unbridled spectacles such as Mardi gras in New Orleans. 

Being a travel destination, the USA’s possibilities stretch to far horizon having plenty of surprises along the way. George Goyal Houston is here with 7 crazy things that are possible only in the US. 

Flashing flesh at Fantasy Fest in Florida

The saucy climax of Key West’s calendar is a week-long party popular as Fantasy Fest. The old town is changed into an outdoor costume bash that can be tenuously pegged to Halloween. It is a gay heaving on the Mardi Gras and flesh flashing outfits. The week is full of offbeat events such as pet costume contest where dogs and owners dress the same and with a sequin spangled satire of high school prom. 

Attending surreal show on Earth in Nevada

Picturing the nudist miniature golf course, bunch of neon-painted bodies, advanced pole dancing workshop and you may get close to imaging what burning a man is all about. Every year, in the last week of August, several thousand digerati geeks, death guild Goths, pyrotechnic maniacs, crusty hippies and too hip yuppies descend on the Nevada Desert to build a fresh temporary autonomous city known as black rock city. This is futuristic, most survivalist and utterly surreal show on the Earth where the strangest part of the ego reigns supreme. 

Kayak near glacier in Prince William Sound, Alaska

As you move forward your way towards the towering face of one of the Alaska’s tidewater glaciers, the gentle crunch of ice near the hull of the kayak sounds ominous. It is nothing in front of the thunderclap that echoes across the water the great ice wall peels away from the glacier and creates and sends the waves towards you. Most of the time people’s first reaction is quite natural, full of fear but there is no need of panicking. The danger will be dissipated by the time the leftover waves reach you making you calm and happy. 

Visiting North America’s largest bat colony in Texas

Right after the sunset, the Mexican tailed bats emerge from the deep crevices of Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin. They keep squeaking and flapping in long ribbon across the sky. An eclectic mix of tourists and townies watch from the south bank of Town Lake and even from the bridge itself. Picturesque from any part, the bat’s game of following the leader is most impressive when you are standing beneath the ribbon and looking up to the sky. It is when rhe sheer number of creatures hit to their home. During summer that is a best viewing season, more than 1.5 million bats reside here making it the largest bat colony in NA. 

Attending Portland’s burlesque show in Oregon

The underground tunnels, swinger’s sex clubs, quirky museums, crackpots, geeks and ghosts. These are not the stories one find in the official history in Portland instead in the Chuck Palahniuk’s offbeat 2003 guide. One of the Palahniuk’s top picks is the Portland’s last true burlesque or drag show named Darcelle XV Showplace. Here you can expect hilarious stand-up comedy where you have to be prepared to be insulted- the obligatory Rocky Horror tribute and lip synced Broadway hits. 

Chasing storms in Tornado Alley

The central plains may not seem as the likeliest places to find a weather wonder but every hot, long summer brings these cornfield-flat states to witness some of the most powerful storms on the Earth. Behind every storm, there is even greater equipped team of daredevil storm chasers who specialize in stalking such loaded tornadoes with the latest GPS systems, satellites, Doppler radars and lightning detector sensors. A few of the people or even you can join these professionals on their hunt, keep the eyes over skies as they try to anticipate the growing storms. 

Thrill seek in roller coaster capital in Ohio

The knees buckle slightly and you step in. the safety bars are locked over your lap and then there is no going back. Above the cries and yells of the fellow riders, you get a question in your mind, “Why am I here?” You are at the Cedar Point, which is the roller coaster capital of the world found on the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. The seventeen dot the park, has more than anywhere else in the world including fair share of the steepest, fastest and longest thrill rides ever designed. 


If you are visiting the US, these are the 7 crazy things only possible in the US by George Goyal Huston that you need to know.