Do You Need Washer Repair? : Know The Top 3 Visible Signs

Washing machines are peculiar appliances. They are one of the most important ones in a household and are virtually irreplaceable. Yet, they need a lot of care and caution while using. You cannot use it any which way you want, and still expect it to work well and last longer. 

However, many times, even after careful use, the appliance develops some signs of damage and the need for washer repair. What is dangerous is that the user is often not able to identify these signs, which later lead to greater damage to the washer and irreparable loss. 

However, no more worries! In this article, we introduce you to at least 3 different signs and symptoms that your washer needs washer repair immediately. Let’s start! 

Sign #1 Malfunctioning Washer Spin Mechanism

The spin mechanism of the washer is one component that is most likely to create problems for you. The good thing is that you will able to observe and detect the issues in spinning easily. The spinner will either simply not work. 

In other cases, it will slow down, or operate with several hiccups. An unfamiliar sound or vibration while spinning can also be an indicator of something not being right with the spinner, and the need for an immediate washer repair. 

Now, there can be many reasons behind the unfavorable functioning of the spinner. It may be due to the unbalanced placement of the washer. You can try fixing it by placing the washer on an even surface. However, the washer issues can also be because of a lagging washer motor. 

In that case, you would need the help of a professional washer repair service. Worry not, the washer repair service will be able to detect the cause of the lag in your washer’s spinning mechanism, and fix it for right away! 

Sign #2 Blocked or Leaking Drainage

Drainage is critical to the functioning of any washer. If the drainage does not work, there is no way you can operate your washer and get the things done. Now drainage issues in the washer can be of two types, and both inviting for washer repair

One, the drainage system of your washer may be blocked. This means, that your washer is not able to drain the water, and hence you are struck with dirty water that you will have to remove manually through some means.

In the second scenario, a leakage may develop in your drainage system, and hence your washer will not be able to hold and retain any water for the washing purposes. In this case, washing becomes impossible. 

Another issue can be about a faulty drainage pump. 

However, it is rather rare. The exact drainage issue prevailing in your washer can only be identified by a professional washer repair service, upon physical examination. Therefore, the best solution is to call for a repair person and get the drainage system examined. 

Sign #3 Noise/Vibration from the Washer

It is true that washer does create some kind of noise when in operation. However, sometimes, you may hear a sound that is unusual and is not generally heard while operating the washer. It is not a good sign, and must not be ignored. The sound or vibration may indicate the presence of a foreign object in the internal components of the washer. The sound must be due to the obstruction caused by the foreign object. The sound may also be due to intermingling or obstruction caused by the components themselves, to each other. Generally, the washer needs to be opened up to resolve the origin of the sound, and that can be done professionally by a washer repair service only. 


It is important to be very vigilant and alert while using a washer on a regular basis. Being agile while help you identify the sign and symptoms of impending washer repair, as the ones listed above. Ignorance is not the bliss in case of the use of electronic appliances. 

Further, if you discover any of the above signs in your washer, call for a professional and expert washer repair service immediately. This will help you save you and your washer from greater trouble!