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Dos and Don’ts when traveling from Mumbai to Goa on a cruise trip

Goa is no doubt one of the most favorite tourist spots in the country because of its beauty and culture. It is known for its beaches, rustic villages, greener paddy fields, authentic Goan food, and much more. 

The number of tourists visiting Goa is always high as it has so much to offer. There are different ways by which you can get to Goa either by bus, train or even by flight. But in recent times people have started considering to reach Goa by cruise. Just in case you are someone who is planning to board a cruise from Mumbai to Goa, then you will get to choose from various cruise options. 

In this article, you will get to read about the Dos and Don’ts you need to keep in mind for your Mumbai to Goa cruise trip. 


You should carry all your important ID proof with you 

For cruise from Mumbai, you have to present your ID proofs during the onboarding process. Just in case, you forget your documents, then the cruise staff won’t allow you to board the cruise. These ID proofs would be checked thoroughly by the cruise staff, so it is important that you keep the ID proofs ready as there are chances the staff will ask you to present them when you board the cruise. 

Keep your documents handy

Documents such as your cruise tickets, the confirmation number, and other documents required to onboard the cruise should be kept handy and safe throughout the entire cruise vacation. These documents are not only checked while on-boarding the cruise but may also ask for them anytime during the cruise trip. 

Carry your favourite toiletries 

The cruise provides you with basic toiletries; however, it is very important that you should carry your own specific toiletries. This is important because if the ones that are available on the cruise don’t suit you, and then you can use your own toiletries. 


Do not overpack

For your Mumbai to Goa cruise trip, you should avoid over-packing and carrying extra luggage. You should just carry the essentials that will be required on the cruise as there are various shops on the cruise from where you can shop. There are cruises that even have a medical shop on board in case of any emergency. 

Do not forget to compare your prices online

While planning to book tickets for a getaway cruise, you should check and compare the prices of the various cruises and then choose a cruise that provides the best deal. If you check online, you can see that most cruises provide you with various offers that can be used by you while booking your cruise tickets. You can find good offers during cruise launches and you should keep an eye on these while booking cruise tickets.  

We hope that this article proved to be helpful and that you follow the above-mentioned points while heading for a cruise vacation from Mumbai to Goa. 

Thank you!