Panerai Watches
Panerai Watches

Panerai Watches Overview: Which One to Buy?

Panerai watches have a minimalist style that comes with a distinctive aesthetic. The watches are best known for their authenticity and high-end catalog; no wonder you will see every alpha-male hero wearing them on screens. The brand has received massive success as a one-time timepiece that is masculine and militarist as it serves as a tool and a luxury watch. This masterpiece has triggered interest among luxury watch enthusiasts and collectors. Therefore, consider Panerai watches if you are searching for a good brand. These luxury watches come from various bracelet options and metals. As a result, choosing a timepiece from the extensive collection can be challenging. So, if you are considering adding a Panerai luxury watch to your collection, the following is an overview to guide you on Panerai watches to avoid confusion. This piece will give you information to educate yourself on different types of Panerai watches so that you can make an informed buying decision.

A Short History of Panerai Watches

The Panerai company was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy, where it supplied watches and other related instruments to the Italian Navy. The Radiomir watch was created in 1916 by the company’s founder Giovanni Panerai and was designed for underwater military operations. It featured water resistance and a luminous dial to allow combat swimmers to check time in the darkest places in the ocean. The Luminor watch was created in 1938, an improved version of the first creation.

Even after World War II, these luxury watches continued to be produced for the Navy and civilians. Panerai then launched its first luxury watch collection for civilians. Since then, Panerai watches have been famous as one of the most luxurious timepieces.

Panerai Watches Dial Types

Panerai is a company known for providing high-end luxury watches. Initially made for the military in dark waters, their glow is high, so divers must cover them to avoid being spotted. Nonetheless, Panerai watches have high-contrast dials.


This dial type was in the first Panerai watch, the Radiomir 1936. This dial type has the thin sunken baton markers at 12, 9, 6, and 3 o’clock and small recessed dots on the rest of the marks.


Sausage is another dial type where Panerai is etched on the dial and added the luminescent material. The lume could also have been painted on the surface of the dial.


Sandwich is the most common dial type in Panerai watches, getting its name from the two discs and a luminescent material at the bottom. The top layer also has recessed, indicating hour markers.

Waffer Dial

This dial type is found in Submersible watches created by repeated small square patterns.

California Dial

This dial is characterized by Arabic and Roman numerals. The Roman numerals are on the 1, 2, 10, and 11 markers, while the Arabic numerals are on the 4, 5, 7, and 8 marks.

Panerai Watches Models

One of the main reasons Panerai watches are the most desirable is that it features several models. Today, the company features the following models.


As mentioned, Radiomir watches came to be in the 1930s. Its luminous material allowed military men to see the time even in dark places. Radiomir watches have a cushion-shaped case. Examples include the classic Radiomir with an onion-shaped crown and the Radiomir 1940 range with a conical dome. You can easily recognize the Radiomir because it misses the crown guards. It has a refined design.


The Luminor earns the name from the Tritium-based lume instead of the radium-based lume in the Radiomir. However, remember that all Panerai watches use a photoluminescent material instead of the radioactive one for more illumination. Compared to Radiomir, Luminor has a large crown guard, although it has a cushion-shaped case. This signature watch is water-resistant, with a protective layer protruding from the case. It features two types, the Luminor and Luminor 1950, with the cushion shape but bearing a difference on the back of their case.


This Panerai watch was purposely built by the company for diving purposes. It features a cushion-shaped case like its siblings and a crown-protecting bridge. It also has an additional feature-a rotating bezel. As you would expect most luxury watches to be water-resistant, the Submersible is a stand-alone collection.

Luminor Due

The Luminor Due almost resembles the Luminor in terms of aesthetics. However, it is thinner with a smaller case to give a refined feel and look. You can easily recognize this Panerai watch with the signature cushion-shaped case design and the brand’s signature.

Panerai Materials

Another reason Panerai watches are popular is because of their powerful features, not to mention their robust physique. It uses materials that render its notable hardness features. The following are materials used in Panerai luxury watches.


Ceramic watches are popular in the industry today. However, what sets Panerai watches apart is their high-tech ceramic made from zirconium oxide. The material comes from pressed powder to give a refined shape. It is hard and scratch and shock-resistant.


Carbotech is a composite material with carbon fiber. The material comes from the compression of thin carbon fiber sheets with Polyether Ether Ketone and polymer for binding. Carbontech watches are unique because of the material cut that impacts the appearance.


Panerai watches are also made from composite materials previously utilized in aeronautics and automobile businesses. The aluminum uses an electrochemical process called Micro Arc Oxidation to create the hard ceramic.


You can notice the Panerai Goldtech watch with the rose gold and red alloy used to create it. The material gives the watch an intense red shade by combining yellow gold with copper.


This material is made from bulk metallic glass formulated to give a look and feel resembling stainless steel. However, the material is scratch-resistant and lightweight. The glass-like alloy forms a structure through high temperature and pressure.

Panerai Luxury Watches- Closing Words

Panerai watches have become popular and desirable because of their reliability and solid luxury. Even though these watches cover a broad scope of smaller, high-tech materials and feminine collections, they all remain faithful to the original designs that started in the early 1930s. That said, it is easier to pick the best Panerai watch if you know the different types and their distinct features.