SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Ideas for Musicians

The music business is infamously competitive. Numerous dedicated artists fight for a piece of a pie that is getting less and smaller as filesharing continues to affect recorded music and as customers feel increasingly overcharged for tickets, especially for big name acts. Upstart musicians at the other end of the scale frequently agree to perform for no pay, thereby eroding the market value of everyone but the very top performers.

Text message marketing provides the perfect answer for struggling artists since it is affordable, practical, and personal. These SMS marketing strategies for musicians may simply rock your world, so check them out!

1) Reminders and Cancellations for the Gig

The world of rock and roll is a topsy-turvy place where things frequently shift at the last minute. Three hours prior to the performance, the drummer for the support act cancels, and the lineup is altered. The concert must be cancelled since the tour bus is stranded in the snow. Whatever the cause, SMS is the sole method of communication that can quickly reach a large number of individuals.

2) Items for sale

Mobile coupons are used to inform fans of the newest merchandise and to provide them a discount. To encourage people to join your SMS contact list, promote the special offer on social media. Offer a discount on t-shirts to everyone who signs up to receive smartphone alerts as a way to encourage opt-ins.

3) Promotions for drinks

On the road, it might be difficult to establish connections with promoters and venues. It’s a little late to tell folks about drink specials when a band may not speak to their hosts until they arrive in town. You can be sure to reach concertgoers who are considering their options for the evening by sending them an SMS. You might easily draw in some last-minute deal seekers searching for a cheap night out if you provide the proper deal.