Want to Split PDF with EasePDF? Look Here!

Want to Split PDF with EasePDF? Look Here!

Are you always puzzled that the PDF files are so large that the converting speed is very slow? Do you encounter situations that you must split PDF in a large PDF file for certain reasons? Do you find the tools that you use to split PDF are not only expensive but also lack of efficiency? I have to say, EasePDF must be an ideal choice if you want to split PDF freely and quickly. 

EasePDF is an online converter that contains more than 30 tools like Word to PDF, PDF to PNG, Split PDF, Crop PDF, and so on. Many other tools and functions are still being developed and researched. And it possesses many other advantages that other websites or applications don’t have. 

Characteristics of EasePDF

  • Free of Price
  • Dozens of Tools
  • Easy to Operate & No Registration
  • Strong Encryption & Cross-platform Function
  • Multi-language Converting

If you would like to split PDF, you can choose Split PDF in EasePDF directly. But before we introduce the steps to split PDF, it’s of great importance for us to know the three splitting modes that EasePDF provides us. 

1. All Pages

If you use this mode to split PDF files, it means you separate this PDF file into PDF files that each one will just contain one page. 

2. Split Every X Pages

You can split every certain PDF pages into PDF files according to your own needs. For instance, if you want to split a PDF file that contains 50 pages, you can split every 10 pages in a file, and finally, you can get 5 files.

3. Page X to X

This method depends on your own needs and will. Similarly, if you want to split a PDF file that contains 21 pages, maybe you can split page1 to page 5 in a PDF file, and page 6 to page 21must be in the other PDF files. All of these are based on your own needs.

Steps to Split PDF with EasePDF

Step 1. Go to EasePDF Homepage, and Click “Split PDF

Go to EasePDF homepage directly, and choose “Split PDF” in “All PDF Tools” column or choose “Split PDF” directly. 


Step 2. Add Files

Firstly, you can click “Add File(s)” to upload the single file or multiple files from your computer or other devices. Secondly, you can choose the target PDF files on your computer and drag them to the “Delete PDF” interface directly. What’s more, you are able to choose the files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, or other URLs. 


Step 3. Split PDF

As what I have mentioned above, there are three splitting modes in EasePDF. You can choose one to split PDF files according to your own needs. Then you can click the “split pdf” button directly.

Step 4. Download PDF

After you split PDF files based on your needs, the next step is to download it or them. You can click the “Download” button directly or share it with others by OneDrive, Dropbox, URL, and Email. After that, what you need to do is just waiting for seconds or minutes. The speed of downloading depends on the file size or network. 


Did you find EasePDF helpful? Do you have the need to split PDF? I think it’s an ideal choice to make it your often-used office tool. If you have any questions with EasePDF, please feel free to contact EasePDF Team