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What Are The Hosting Expenses Involved For a WordPress Website?

When we talk about a WordPress website, we often get to hear that this Content Management System has no hosting cost. Well, it is not a fact. There is a minimal cost involved to maintain and host the website online.

However, this cost is negligible compared to AWS or PHP or websites based on other platforms. WordPress.org is technically not chargeable, but there are some of the expenses involved. The cost of having a WordPress.org includes:

  • Maintenance Cost
  • Hosting Charges
  • Domain Name
  • Getting a premium package of various plugins,
  • Premium themes and a lot more.

Continue to read the article to know about the prices of WordPress Hosting and other nominal expenses involved in the site.

Hosting Expenses Involved For a WordPress Site:

Well, most of us are under the impression that the charges involved in the WordPress site are close to 11 US dollars in a month. On the contrary, if you want a maintained and running website, then you shall not follow the myth. 

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The websites that have significant data in terms of images, video, or content; their one time can be close to 200 dollars plus taxes. 

Now, it is a one-time expense. The Managed WordPress Hosting would require renewal once or twice a year. 

Along with that, there can be an ongoing monthly invoice of 11 to 40 dollars depending on your website. In this expense, the inclusions can be:

  • Domain Hosting: Starting from 3.95 dollars
  • Pre-Existing Themes: You might get it for free, or the cost can go as high as 200 dollars; depending on your choice as well as the requirement
  • Domain Name: Starting from $12 in a year, Premium domain names and extensions have a high cost
  • Plugins: The price of Plugins is variable based on the number of Plugins you install on your site; the cost can be as high as 1,000 dollars
  • Web Security: You might have to pay $50 as the web security; it is like an ongoing expense and not a one-off.

Considering all the expenses of a WordPress website, it can be seen that the hosting costs are minimal. Moreover, WordPress Hosting India costs you even less. If you go for the name of the site with a global extension, then the charges might be a bit on the higher side. 

The hosting charges can be variable, depending on your space requirement, features of the website, and other factors. 

So, these are not fixed charges for a WordPress website, but variable for an individual site.

In a Nutshell:

WordPress sites can be cheaper compared to other websites, but you cannot put a bar over it. You might get the standard prices from different hosting providers, but the quote entirely varies on your requirements. 

If you wish to avail of the uninterrupted services, you must purchase the site hosting accordingly. Later, you might struggle to get the necessary speed of your site, and it might hamper the overall operations.