Writing Great Text Ads on Google

5 Tips for Writing Great Text Ads on Google

There’s an art for writing text ads on google, the kind of ads that people actually notice and click on. To avoid the common mistakes of writing text ads incorrectly, you need to learn certain strategies to write them. 

We will stumble upon the importance of writing text ads correctly and provide you with 5 important tips to write effective PPC ads to boost your traffic. 

What Is a Text Ad?

In the words of Google:

A text ad is a form of marketing communication that advertisers can use to promote their product or service on the Google Network.

How to Write A Great Google Ads Copy? 

Speak to your People: 

There’s a reason why your website is selling a certain product or providing a service, it’s to make things easier for people to cease their hunt for answers and choose your product. Focus on what makes your product/service one of a kind, and why is it the answer for these people. You will start to sound like a motivational speaker but it’s what you have to do in order to sell. Therefore, put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask yourself the questions they might ask, then you can use the answers in your text ad. 

Use Compelling Headlines: 

Include numbers in your ad, people love numbers such as, ‘8 out of 10 people recommend this’ or ‘this product is 99% effective’. In addition to words that make your website seem trustworthy to the customer like ‘guaranteed returns’ or ‘if you don’t lose weight, we’ll refund your money’. This motivates your customer to use your product/service without fear of having paid money for a lousy service. 

Another way of creating a compelling headline is to trigger emotions; nobody buys things out of mere logic, they want to know how this product will make them feel once they buy it, or what would happen if they don’t own it, this way you’re provoking their sense of ‘fear of missing out’. 

Be Genuine: 

Have you ever searched something on google and ended up on a page that has no association to what you searched for? This is how people misuse writing a text ad and end up sabotaging the reputation of their website. 

If you want to stand out among the websites that sell or provide the same service like yours, you actually have to mean what you’re writing in your ad. If you refund products, don’t scam people by giving them a million reasons why you can’t refund it this time. You don’t want to have bad reviews raining down on your website if you cannot be responsible for the verity of your ad. 

Use Ad Extensions: 

A way to make your ad stand out is to use ad extensions, such as site links extensions, callouts or click to text extensions. This makes your website more reachable than other websites and feels less robot-like when you add a human-to-human communication method. Ad extensions can help improve your CTR (click-through-rate) and Quality Score. 

Test your Ads: 

The way to maintain your website’s performance and quality is to constantly test your ads and find out how people are responding to them. This allows you to keep track of all activity on your website and helps you adjust your ad strategy. 

Optimize your ads by including a powerful CTA (call-to-action) that reflects your brand and speaks to the customer.