Laptop Gaming Performance

7 Tips to improve your Laptop’s Gaming Performance

Suppose your premium gaming laptop cannot reach the expected performance of similarly-priced laptops. In that case, how do you improve its performance? Even if the laptop is still functional, it is in your best interest to take the right steps to improve the overall performance of the entire laptop. One of the ways to ensure that laptops for GTA V are performing excellently is to first understand game-specific computer system requirements and get a laptop that has those features. 

If you had already purchased a gaming laptop, here are different ways to improve its performance. 

1. Update the necessary graphics card drivers 

Generally, keeping your graphics card drivers up-to-date is a great of optimizing your laptop’s gaming performance. A more recent version of driver update is usually released regularly to fix possible bugs from the previous version of the same driver and to improve overall gaming performance. There are also essential features added during such updates. Do you now know why you should update your gaming laptop’s graphics card drivers regularly? 

Some of the effective ways to keep your drivers up-to-date are to update your laptop’s operating system regularly, updating the drivers using the developer’s official website, and updating via graphics card software. If you don’t know how to update your laptop’s graphics card drivers successfully, consult with an expert. 

2. Uninstall programs or software you don’t need anymore

Uninstalling programs that you no longer need is an effective way of optimizing your laptop’s performance for gaming and other activities as well. Remember, most of these programs that you don’t use are taking up your laptop’s performance resources. You can quickly uninstall a program from your computer using its in-build uninstall package. First, you need to get to the control panel and then uninstall the specific program that you don’t need. 

It is essential to mention that installing a specific program on your laptop via the control panel doesn’t wipe all the leftovers and other registry items from your laptop’s hard drive. That simply means uninstalling the program from the control panel cannot completely remove all the files linked to the program that you intend to uninstall. An effective way of solving this issue is using a third-party app such as IOBit uninstaller. 

The benefit of using third-party apps to uninstall files is that such programs usually dig deeper to clear all registry items and the leftover files associated with the program you are planning to uninstall. Additionally, uninstalling an application can also become more convenient as a simple shortcut in the menu will definitely be added. So, uninstalling a program in the future will be just a right-clicking on the icon and selecting the appropriate option.

3. Use SSD

Generally, there is wrong with using the mechanical hard drive as a storage unit for your computer files such as videos, documents, photos, and games, and other applications. However, when it comes to your laptop’s operating system and your commonly used games and programs, you need to consider upgrading to a high-quality SSD.

Most computer and gaming experts unanimously agreed that SSDs are faster than the mechanical hard drive. While installing your gaming programs in an SSD won’t boost the overall FPS, it will optimize the gaming program’s performance, particularly the load time. Besides, your gaming programs will continue to read and write data during your gaming sessions, and this is another reason you should install SSD.

4. Optimize the laptop’s power settings

It is essential to make sure that you utilize the optimum performance of your gaming laptop. One of the easiest ways to achieve the best performance of a laptop is to adjust its power mode slider to “best performance.” If you’re using Windows 10, you can accomplish this by clicking on the battery icon on your laptop systems tray. Adjust the power mode to “best performance.” 

This is a simple procedure that you can easily execute on your own. You don’t need special skills to adjust the power mode settings of your laptop’s battery. 

5. Close the background programs

Suppose you do not have a huge amount of RAM installed. In that case, closing background apps when playing your favorite video games is necessary to optimize the overall performance of your laptop. Keep in mind that most of the latest games today require at least 8GB of high-quality RAM, not to mention the memory-hog browsers such as Google Chrome. 

You must close all background apps, particularly if you’re playing AAA titles. This is because these video games are likely to fill up your laptop system without realizing it quickly. Before you start playing your favorite video games, just close all background apps for a seamless gaming session.

6. Keep your laptop clean and ensure effective cooling and airflow

Keeping your gaming laptop free from dust is an effective way of improving its overall performance. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that your laptop will gather dust with time. The bad news is that this dust and other forms of dirt might block some vents, which will then restricted airflow. Poor airflow is one of the leading causes of overheating issues in gaming laptops and PCs. If not addressed on time, it could cause thermal throttling. 

7. Use the correct antivirus software to keep your laptop’s system

A slow laptop system may be a result of malware that’s currently running on your laptop. Such programs often come from downloading files from various unsolicited websites and illegal downloading from some pirate websites. There are cases where someone sends malware to you through email spam. 

To ensure that your laptop’s system isn’t infected with malware, it is essential to ensure that you download content from trusted websites. You should not open links that appear suspicious. Another way of preventing malware on your computer is to install the right antivirus program and keep it up to date.

No matter how cautious you are, malware can still get installed on your laptop. This is the main reason you should get a high-quality antivirus program that will safeguard your laptop’s system from malware attacks. Keep in mind that having dried anti-malware alone isn’t enough to ensure optimum laptop performance. You must implement the other suggested ways of optimizing your gaming laptops over or performance.