Use Chatbots to Improve your Business

5 Ways to Use Chatbots to Improve your Business

Every year, as chatbot technology becomes more developed, businesses have been working hard to adapt them as powerful tools from their customer service models. These bots can provide powerful benefits to businesses that should not be overlooked, with some chatbots already becoming essential solutions for businesses both large and small. This also isn’t just a development taking place in the US; there are already growing examples of the powers of NLP software in South America, for example.

Even though artificial intelligence and natural language processing systems are only just starting to scratch the surface of their full potential, these tools are still extremely impressive in their capabilities to provide powerful efficiencies in all areas of business. Continue reading to learn more about what chatbots could be doing for your company:

Customer Service

If there’s one thing you should be using chatbots for, it’s customer service. As AI-powered chatbots have become more readily available, they are quickly becoming an essential tool for any customer service team. Capable of answering questions 24/7 efficiently and accurately, these tools are a no-brainer for businesses looking to cut down on costs, while increasing the capabilities of their customer service engagement. Drawing on existing information and previous encounters, AI-powered chatbots are capable of delivering answers to all manner of customer queries, all the while learning from every interaction. With price points available for businesses of all scales, getting a customer service-focused chatbot for your business is an easy way of strengthening your brand and organization as a whole. 

Increased Customer Engagement

Any strong business plan relies heavily on engaging customers and convincing them to invest repeatedly in your brand and your product. While chatbots are extremely powerful in developing robust customer service and relationships, their capabilities for marketing your services should not be undersold. When designed to provide an interactive customer experience, these tools can provide extremely powerful engagement rates, all while operating at a fraction of the cost of a real human agent. 

One such example is found in businesses with a three-tiered pricing model. For most consumers, the middle-of-the-line option is the most suitable and is priced accordingly to keep your business afloat. Designing a chatbot to use statistics and interactive AI to customers who may have just been browsing has been shown to improve customer retention rates and satisfaction, allowing your business to gain a customer who may have previously been lost. 

Simplifying payment

Another area where businesses, particularly those that function online, often lose customers is the payment certification. If the process is too complex or overwhelming, it can become easy for a customer to convince themselves that they don’t need to make the purchase they’ve been looking at.

Fortunately, bots are a quick solution to this problem. Using bots designed to process payments and carry out orders quickly helps give customers direction, and helps ensure they will complete their purchase instead of leaving their cart to gather dust. Chatbots’ lightning-fast response capabilities and retention of customer knowledge is yet another way these tools can encourage customers to choose your business. 

Advanced Analytics

As mentioned previously, a chatbot has a complete and high-level view of customers’ practices and information. A chatbot designed to take customer feedback, even in the form of simple questions such as which design or pattern a customer preferred, can be stored and retained in a wide system, helping ensure your business understands what customers are looking for in your products. 

Additionally, by providing a more advanced chatbot with deeper AI functionality, these bots can work behind the scenes to analyze the information gathered, allowing your live agents to tackle more complex problems, and delivering your team invaluable metrics to better understand your company’s appeal to consumers.

Scale an Organization

For companies transitioning or in a period of new growth, a chatbot framework can be a well-developed tool for ensuring smooth growth, and can even iron out problems before they happen. 

Chatbots can work internally, providing training resources and tools to employees who have been moved to new positions, and even put to work on internal analytics and bothersome tasks no one else wants to complete. Chatbots are capable of multi-tasking and working 24/7, becoming the assistant you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to live without.