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Best elliptical exercise machines for bad knees


Having a strict exercise regime is a good habit. But, unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard on your knees. Then you are left with a few exercise machines you can choose for yourself. Mainly, when you do exercises for cardio endurance and fat loss, there is a lot of stress for knee joints. People who have existing ailments related to knee joints suffer a lot of pain in such cases. 

What are the Elliptical machines?

Elliptical machines bring a lot of relief to those with knee problems. The design of the exercise machine is to provide the comfort of not leaning too much while doing exercise. The more wisely you use the elliptical machines, the better will be the result. There are different kinds of elliptical machines, and you have to choose the one that suits you the best.

Best Elliptical machines for bad knees

You have to keep in mind the health of your knees while melting down. So we have fathomed the pros and cons of each model before suggesting the best ones for you.

  • Body champ 2 in 1 cardio, dual trainer: The seats of this comfortable as this exercise machine provides the option to sit in two different postures. The body champ machine is an exercise as well as an elliptical exercise machine. During a workout, if the intensity of your exercise machine is too high, it allows you to adjust accordingly. It is a very lightweight machine that has a heart rate monitor in it. If you are a tall person, you may not find body champ 2 in 1 cardio, dual trainer comfortable.
  • Life fitness CSX Club Series elliptical: The elliptical exercise machines help you with an elliptical workout motion. This exercise machine leaves zero impact on your knees. The whole exercise machine kit has a strip you have to tie around your chest. The strip will check your heart rate and sends you messages when you work out harder.
  • Nordic Track C 7.5 Elliptical: Nordic Track is an excellent elliptical exercise machine that presents you with the 26 work Apps. You can choose the perfect ones to build your regime. Certified fitness trainers have approved all these Apps, and you can use these without any hesitation. These are the best way to achieve your fitness goals this year as it helps you to judge your performance, calories you burn down. They also keep track of the intensity with which you carry on the exercise.
  • Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine: Of late, Schwinn is very famous for the different models and the programs it provides to the users. It has several combinations of the workout, flexible programmable features to enable work out easy for you. You can set your preference for distance, time, and goals to actual workout style. There are 25 levels of resistance to make it work quietly, and light flywheels reduce inertia to quieten the machine. It has an excellent feature to monitor your cardiac rates for a timely reduction of the intensity of exercise.
  • Soul fitness E35 elliptical machine: Mayo clinic Sports medical center co-director endorses this product because it is kind to the hip, knees, and back. Elliptical exercise machines are better than treadmills because it is an appropriate machine even for people with bad knees. You can exercise at the speed your body allows you, and the presence of an LCD will help you feed information about the exercise speed, distance, etc. The handles of this machine move to and for making it easy for you to move. The 20 levels of resistance make it a quieter exercise machine, and it comes with a heart strap to keep track of your heartbeat while you do the exercise.


In short, elliptical machines are a blessing for those who have bad knees. Pain in the knees can be constant, irritating and people experience excruciating pain after a heavy workout. The elliptical machines help to save from hard impact due to your workout machine. Low impact exercises are better because you import more blood to the cartilage and helps to keep the whole body healthy. This elliptical machine combines the leg impact of climbing a stair along with the hand impact of skiing experience.