Best Facemasks

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Facemasks

Face masks are very necessary today because the whole world is suffering from covid 19. Covid 19 teaches us about quarantine, maintaining physical dis tance, and wearing a mask. wearing a mask can help to protect yourself from the spreading of bacteria and also protect others that also can be your loved ones. If you want to buy a mask then which mask is best for you is the main question. The best facemasks always depended on their material. 

It also matters what you are doing if you are playing sports then you need masks that are comfortable and soft and should be made up of stretchy materials such as spandex and polyester. Masks that are made up of this material can absorb sweat during intense physical activity or when you are sweating. It was said by Lori Grooms, the director of infection prevention for OSF healthcare.

The main goal of the mask should be easier to breathe. Always choose the breathable mask and ensure that the masks you are buying have the best breathability. Lori said that the masks which are made up of cotton and polyester blend are best for breathing. Some masks are generally very harmful to you like the masks which are made up of fleece can increase the number of respiratory droplets which are released into the air. A recent study shows this. In the winter season, you need to wear a mask under your scarf as it helps you to protect yourself from droplets and aerosols. Neck gaiters are generally made up of thinner material so they can not provide you protection against aerosol. 

Things You Should Need To Remember Before Buying Masks.

1. Best fitting

Always try to buy a mask that covers your nose and cheeks and comfortably sits under your chin and hugs the sides of your face and cheeks without having a gap. Then it is the best-fitted mask for you.

2. Breathability

Always ensure that the mask that you are buying can be breathable because this is very important for your body to breathe easily. After all, you have worn them for a long time. The masks that are made up of polyester and cotton material are much more comfortable while it is breathable too. Masks that are made up of fleece do not provide filtration and they are very much uncomfortable to wear.

3. Moisture wicking

If you want a mask that helps to wick the moisture then you can try materials like spandex or polyester which help to soak the moisture and give you a cooling effect. 

4. Stays in place

Always select the masks which are secured by the use of ear loops or ties.

5. Long-term use

Always check that the masks are washable so that you can reuse them. Moreover, check that the shape of the masks will not damage after washing. 

6. Multiple layers of fabrics

Always try to buy the layered mask because layered masks ensure you to give better protection against the spreading of germs. These masks are made up of multi-layered so that they can help in better filtration of germs, bacteria, and other dust particles.

 Types of masks:

7. Homemade masks

Homemade masks are generally made up of cotton and polyester so they are breathable and reusable. Generally, these masks are pocket friendly and easy to find. They are reusable because you can wash and reuse them. You can also make these masks at home by yourself.

8. Cloth masks

These masks are generally the best face mask because these types of masks help to give you full protection against pollution and other diseases. Moreover, they are reusable so that you can wash them after you use them. Always try not to wear the same masks more than 4 times because they can increase the risk of getting infected with different germs and bacteria.

9. Disposable surgical masks

Disposable masks are generally made for one-time use. Use of these masks is generally increased during the pandemic of covid 19 as they are cheaper and pocket-friendly for everyone as compared to other face masks. Also, it was recommended by WHO, the world health organization for people who are suffering from underlying health conditions. Moreover, it was also recommended for people aged over 60.

10. N-95 masks

These masks are generally suggested for the medical worker as they need to work for a long time. You can wear them when you are moving to some crowded place. Experts suggested that these masks can be used for one time. And some of these masks are also reusable. N-95 masks are generally very costly and not affordable to everyone.

Some of the best masks

1. Disposable face mask with elastic ear loops

These are generally very affordable and pocket friendly. Moreover, they give the best protection against the spreading of germs and diseases. The masks are so comfortable that you can wear them when the weather is too hot. These masks have 3 layers of filtration and give you the best protection against germs and bacteria and they are breathable too.

2.  Double-layer cloth masks

Cotton face masks are made up to protect you from dust, odor, pollen, and toxins. These cotton masks are breathable and help to not spread the germs and bacteria causing diseases. Moreover, they have soft cotton loops for ears so that they are comfortable to carry.

3. Reusable protective cloth face maskS

Cotton masks are generally reusable and are designed in a way so that they can be stored anywhere and are easy to fold. These masks are generally broader and wider so you get enough space and are easy to breathe. They are generally very comfortable and light-waisted; moreover, they are also made up of high-quality cotton material. And they are skin friendly.

Wrapping up

Here you can find some things that should be considered before buying the best face mask for yourself. If you are confused and want to buy masks that are comfortable and breathable then here you find some points about them that may help you. Always try to buy comfortable and breathable masks because you have to wear them for a longer time. If you want masks that can be worn during heavy physical activity then which type of mask you should use.