Making your home more energy efficient

Energy efficiency is something that every home should strive toward. Being more energy-efficient can result in saving money. It can also result in your home reducing the environmental impacts of over-use of energy. In this article, we will dissect why it is important to make your home more energy-efficient.

Time to go Smart Home

Find yourself a smart home hub device that works for you in the best possible way. Smart home devices can connect everything from the lighting in your living room, to door locks to garage doors, temperature gauges, CCTV cameras in your home, and plenty more. Having a connected smart home device means you can access all these different pieces of technology from one centralized place – on your smartphone. Simple right? 

Furthermore – who does not like automation? Automation makes everything easier and smart home hubs are built to create a more automated home for their uses. Connecting your smart home device to one another will enable them the ability to talk to each other, making it much easier for you to have them in your home. Oh, and one more thing – they are more energy-efficient and will save you money on your power bill. It is a no brainer, right?

Another major benefit is you can connect your entertainment devices to the smart home hub. Buy yourself a smart TV and away you go. You can even hook up devices like Apple TV sets to your Smart Home Hub. Find this product at Harvey Norman now. Ensure your life at home is easy and get yourself a smart home hub.

Track your roof/water leaks

How frustrating is a roof water leak? If you connect a smart home hub, you can say goodbye to finding water leaks in roofs or other parts of the house many months or years after they start to occur. Smart Home Water Leak trackers can alert you to a new leak/crack which will inevitably ensure you fix the issues sooner and avoid nasty repair costs and bills. Furthermore, tracking these water leaks/cracks at an earlier stage will prevent you from ruining other appliances/other areas of the house. It is a no brainer, right?

Time to enhance your homes power

Now, light bulbs are one of the biggest power zappers in homes. Leaving lights on is a killer for power bills and I am sure if you are reading this you have been scolded by your parents at some stage for not turning off a light in the house. It is for good reason. A modern way around this is to get your hands on a smart plug or smart light bulb. Do not outsource professionals to do this job for you. You are the electrician in this situation. Just connect your new lightbulbs and plugs to your smart home device and your smart home and away you go. 

Track the temperate better

One of the most underrated areas of smart homes is smart thermostats. They are crucial to high levels of energy efficiency and overall comfortability in your home. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Gone are the days of manually turning down your thermostat. It is an automation season baby. Getting an automated smart thermostat will ensure your house is being monitored for you, to save you some more precious penny’s. What are you waiting for? Head to Harvey Norman for more Smart Home Devices here.