Will Our Lifestyle Be Same After Corona

Will Our Lifestyle Be Same After Corona?

Our lifestyle tends to change as per the trends but the year 2020 pour in something else for the change. We all were not aware of what 2020 had for us when we were celebrating the Happy New Year, which turned out to be an unhappy one. Apart from many other calamities and disasters, 2020 gave us CoronaVirus. And it is the unwanted trend that changed our lifestyle, and it will remain so even after the end of the pandemic. 

Well, the changes are both positive and negative. The fear of getting infected and losing dear ones is the worst thing, and I pray that the recovery rate soon reaches the hundred percentile mark. But there are a lot of good things that happened and some good changes to our lifestyle also. 

First of all, the lockdown helped nature to heal itself. Substantial fall in air pollution is recorded, and the sky seems clearer than ever before to Millenials. And even after the lockdown has ended, pollution is still at a safe level compared to what it was in the previous year. And this is because of the new lifestyle of people. Unlike before Corona, people have started making more use of online services. For instance; a father who wants to surprise his son with a gift on his birthday looks over the internet for the best gift for boys instead of buying a gift from the nearest gift shop. Hence, it leads to less use of motor vehicles and effectively results in less pollution. 

Another positive change in lifestyle is that people have started focusing more health. Awareness of hygiene has increased. People are minimizing their intake of fast foods and restaurant-cooked foods. And boating immunity has become a mission for most of the families. As a result of this, manufacturers of products like hand wash, Tulsi drops, turmeric powder, floor cleaner and other such items are enjoying a decent hike in sales. 

The Corona has surely changed the lifestyle of corporate professionals, as most of them are working from home. And as per the surveys, work from home may become a norm as many companies have seen higher productivity from employees as they work from home. 

One positive change in the lifestyle of housewives because of pandemic-pushed lockdown is that their families started appreciating their work and also started helping them out in the household chores. 

As people are making more use of technology to do things, it gives a business start-up opportunity to many. For example; people still fear walking out to the shop to buy groceries and hence new online delivery start-ups for different things like chocolate delivery are opening up.

The lifestyle will surely not be the same after Corona, but the hope is that positive changes will outlast the negative ones. The green lifestyle will indeed become a trend as people are eating more green vegetables and are also planting more trees than before. 

And the one change in lifestyle that I cherish more than anything is that there is more family time in the modern lifestyle now!