virtual whiteboard

3 Creative Ways to Use Your virtual whiteboard

One thing that we have learned in the last year is that technology can help us do so many things without having to be in the same room. Because of the pandemic, most of us do our jobs from home, and schools all around the world started introducing digital classrooms to keep the education process while still social distancing. The virtual whiteboard is one of the tools that is helping us do our jobs uninterrupted, and it is one of the tools that will definitely continue being used when the pandemic ends. It is a great way to collaborate with people from all around the world, and it is an advancement to outsourcing and working from home. Here we are going to tell you more about some of the creative ways to use your virtual whiteboard and advance your digital skills. 

1. Capturing tools

We all know that some meetings can last hours, and we are not always focused on the matter at hand. We can get distracted and if our connection breaks, we can even miss some of the things that were said in the meeting. With the capturing tools that are featured in this software, you will never again miss important information, and you can easily record the whole meeting. You will be able to go back to everything that was said. In addition, all the things that are written on the board will stay there for you to access. And no matter where you are, and what time it is in your timezone, you can just open the platform, and check all the info that was shared during the meeting. 

2. Brainstorming ideas

Brainstorming is a vital part of every job, and there can be setbacks and errors pretty much every single day. When we use traditional communication methods, we usually have to use many different platforms to get all the things we need. It can be difficult to manage five platforms and to update them all the time. It is time consuming, complex, and definitely not practical. When you use the virtual whiteboard, you will never have to use other platforms. All the things will be right there for you and your peers to access, and you will save so much time in the long run. You can use the platform to brainstorm, find solutions, and save them so you can easily find all the data in case something similar happens in the future.  

3. New ways of introducing projects

Every company strives to be better, to attract new clients, and to improve the way things are done. We think of new ideas, we tackle new projects, and we create new tasks. This is a huge part of the advancement and the expanding process, but it can be challenging to present your idea to your coworkers. When we are bound to use digital tools only, without being able to literally sit down and draw our thoughts, it can be hard to explain what our ideas are and what we want to get out of the project. 

Well, with the virtual whiteboard, you won’t have to worry about all of those things ever again. You can write, draw, and even add charts and analysis to help introduce your idea to your peers. You can easily explain everything you want to, and your coworkers will be able to understand what you want to get, what their tasks are, and what they can do to make the whole thing better. Know that they could also pitch in, they can give you additional ideas, and they can modify the board to make the whole project better and smoother. 

With this platform, you will be able to even have workshops and team-building practices. Anything you want to do, and anything you think could help your business advance it can be done via the virtual whiteboard. It has a lot of different features, it is easy to use, simple to understand, and still, it is complex enough to allow you to go through any project.