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Why user persona is essential before developing a mobile app

User Persona, in simple words, is an ideal customer representation to understand how they will react about the product. User research is mainly done to enhance the user experience by understanding what the target audience wants.

This sets the human-machine interaction and understands the empathy of the users towards the product. Especially when it comes to mobile app development, the team can take leverage from the user persona to understand the product goals, behaviors, motivations, challenges, interests, demographics, needs, and unique identifiers.

What is a User Persona?

When it comes to iOS, Android, Xamarin developers, and designers, the user persona comes up as the major factor that is added to the long list. It is essential to be aware of the user persona before jumping into the project that gives a better understanding of what they need and where they will be using the software or apps.

A user persona can be considered as the fiction of the character to represent the users that makes it easy to understand the users. It reflects on the user behavior, goals, and pain points that can be added to the app development.

It clarifies what the users want and how one can offer them the essentials features easily. The user persona showcases the want is needed in the product as per the users to enhance their experience that must be in the market.

The user persona much concentrates on the future of the product and must be as realistic as it can be. In order to give you a better understanding of the user persona, you need to be aware of the following points:

  • The behavior of the end-user
  • The product context
  • The user general attitudes
  • The pain points of users that must be eliminated to enhance their experience
  • The requirements of the users and how the product must be designed or developed.

Create your User Persona

Creating your own user persona is not a difficult task if it is done in a proper way. It must be done in the early stage of the development to help the product evolve with time and ensure that the process is well managed.

The mobile app development company makes sure to follow the concept of mobile app user persona to enhance the user experience once the development is done. This includes user expectations in order to collect the right information and gain an efficient application group.

To make your own user persona you need to keep the following points in mind such as:

#1 Research Persona

Do the deep research on the subject before diving into the development world. One must be aware of the combination of secondary and primary research using accurate and high-quality data for profile completion. The research can be done via online surveys, gathering targeted data, understanding the competitors, and so on.

#2 Analyze Research Data

In order to make the right user persona, the next thing that must be added to the list is the user pattern. It can be in terms of behavior and characteristics with the right research to emerge in the right direction. This can include group and research data that is analyzed that contribute to the goals of the business that must be kept in mind while developing.

#3 Creation Process

The user persona works as a profile of the user that is as per the user group. It starts from the analysis phase to the development followed until the launching phase. In addition to this, the user persona also includes the hobbies, career, age, and goals of the app that gives a better understanding of what is to be added.

The user persona can be of two types pre-launch and post-launch of the mobile app. In the pre-launch user persona, the theoretical user is created to get an understanding of what must be added in the list and how the difference can be made.

Whereas, the post-launch user persona is once the app is launched in the app to track the behavior of users. It helps in changing the apps after a certain period to ensure that the market requirements are covered easily. 

These are the major aspects of the user persona that you must be aware of. If you have something on your mind then let us know.